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WANTED - News items
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Mrs. Liz Willis and Mr. St John Greenhough have been co-opted onto the Freckleton Parish Council. For more information see the latest Parish Council Newsletter.

The Coach and Horses (Ponky's) has now reopened after refurbishment.

Freckleton Club Day Committee News
The Oompah Band planned for the 13 November by the has been cancelled.
The Junior Disco planned for the 19 November will take the form of a Birthday Party for Pudsey Bear. Door money will be donated to Children in Need.

Freckleton Parish Plan
In the very near future local households will find a questionaire has been dropped through their letter box. Whilst it is easy to have a cynical attitude towards this type of thing, the Parish Council seem to be trying very hard to get it right. I think that its important to support them by completing the form. It may all come to nothing, but now is the time for us to have our say. If we don't, then we can't go back to them later saying 'You never listen to us'. You can learn more about the Parish Plan on their website

Up and coming events
Does anyone know of any? We don't!

August 2004
A Duck race was held at Dow brook on Saturday 28rd August at 2:00pm - the event was promoted by Holy Trinity Church Social Committee. Tickets cost £1 each and there was a £100 first prize. I would be grateful if anyone who attended could supply a short report on the event.

The Freckleton C of E school have developed their own web site. You can find it at www.freckleton.lancsngfl.ac.uk

The Lancashire County Council have developed a Universal Parish Council Web site. Its early days yet and there is not currently a great deal of information on the site. You can find it at www.lancashireparishcouncils.gov.uk.

Broadband available in Freckleton - Wednesday 11th August. It is available and it is good! Broadband installed and working in the freckleton.org HQ.
A Memorial Service for the 60th anniversary of the Freckleton Air Disaster was held on Monday 23rd August. It was reported on the local TV news and on radio.

July 2004
The last Freckleton Parish Council meeting was held on Monday the 5th July. Minutes from previous meetings can be found on the Parish Council Site by clicking here

June 2004
A planning application has been made to open a childrens home on Green Lane. Based on the experience of the residents at Warton, where a similar home was opened, local residents are very concerned. A petition against the development is being raised by nearby households.

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40th Annual & 28th Ladies Half Marathon was held on Sunday 20th June. Some pictures can be seen by clicking here or select 'Out & About -> Marathon' from the menu.

Freckleton Club Day - Saturday 19th June - See the pictures and read a short report by clicking here or select 'Out & About -> Club Day' from the menu.

The Freckleton Parish Council have been very active in creating their own web sites. The Parish Council site can be found by clicking here and the Parish plan site by clicking here. Both sites, whilst still under development, provide information about the actions and plans of the Parish Council. The minutes of previous meetings are available for 2004 in PDF format. Copies of the Parish Newsletters can also be downloaded from the Parish Council sites, as well as being available under our Council page here on freckleton.org.

May 2004
Everyone who has returned a form for a listing on freckleton.org should now be listed. I would appreciate you checking your entry and telling me of any errors. If you are not happy for any reason then please tell me! If you have not yet completed and returned your form, or if I have somehow missed you, then please let me know. Remember, an entry on the site is free and can only be beneficial to your business as freckleton.org increasingly becomes the source of reference fro Freckletonians.

April 2004
We can now offer additional web services for Freckletonians. Click here to learn more.