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Freckleton News

Kirby's Fruiterers - 27.11.06
As from November 06, Kirby's will stop selling Fruit and Veg and concentrate on the Florist side of the business.

Cricket Pavilion Burnt Down - 14.10.06
Vandals succeeded in setting fire to the Cricket Pavilion on Saturday evening. Unfortunately, the Sport Day Committee equipment was inside and has also been destroyed.

State of the Roads - 12.10.06
In July this year the Lancashire Highways Partnership created a web form on their site so that residents can report faults with the highway. The page has been moved, so here is the updated link. We all know how bad some of the roads around the village are, so go ahead and report problems in your street.

Club Day Committee DJ Found- 06.10.06
A DJ has been found so the Freckleton Club Day Sports Committee will be holding Junior Discos at the Village hall on the following dates: Friday 13th October, 24th November, 12th January 07, 2nd February, 16th March Entrance £1.00 refreshments available. Please collect your child/children from inside the hall. The disco is limited to primary school years 3-6

New Kirkham Website - Sept 06
This is Kirkham! is a new website for Kirkham, Wesham and the surrounding areas in Fylde & Wyre <more>

Freckleton Band - 06.09.06
Polytank have donated the money for new band jackets, so the next time you see them they should be even smarter than they usually are!

Club Day Committee DJ Requird
The next session of Junior Discos has been booked at the village hall but unfortunately the committee are short of a DJ. If there is anyone who fancies him/herself as a DJ and has the equipment, then they would very much appreciate hearing from you. They are prepared to pay something, just not the professional rate! Ideally the person would come along and entertain the children once a month Sept - March excluding Dec.
Please contact Alvys Entwistle on 01772 631183 if you fancy the job.

Night Flying at BAE Systems Warton *CANCELLED*- 05.10.06
On Thursday 5th October, a Harrier GR9 will undertake some essential night flying out of BAE Systems Warton site. The Harrier will depart around 7.30 pm, bound for MOD designated ranges where the pilot will carry out crucial testing of new software under night conditions. On return to Warton at around 9.30 pm, there will be a requirement for the aircraft to carry out around three circuits of the airfield. *CANCELLED*

Business Community - Sept 06
We are continuing to extend our Business Community Pages. We have a new addition, ARC Community Care Ltd.

Guestbook Update - 06.09.06
Due to continuing abuse of our Guestbook a security system has been installed to prevent automated entry. Please let us know if you have any problems.

Freckleton in Bloom - 18.07.06
The judging will be done on the Tuesday the 18th July. In preparation for this there will be a clean-up in the evening of Monday 17th starting at 18:00 (?). If you would like to help please assemble at the memorial and bring a brush and shovel.

Business Pages - 12.07.06
The freckleton.org business pages are up and running and we have our first Freckleton Business page. Have a look at Allans Landscape Gardens by clicking on the Freckleton Business Community button on the left hand side bar or <click here> If you need a gardener then look now further!

State of the Roads - 12.07.06
The Lancashire Highways Partnership have created a web form on their site so that residents can report faults with the highway. We all know how bad some of the roads around the village are, so go ahead and report problems in your street. <Click here>

Freckleton Library - 08.07.06
The Freckleton Library are holding a Family History Group on the third Tuesday of the month from 10:00 till 12:00. Just drop in. Everyone welcome.
The library are also looking to extend their local history section. If anyone has anything of relevance, old photos, letters, news clippings etc. they would very much appreciate them being loaned or donated to extend the collection.

Freckleton Younger Years Charity - 19.06.06
Members of the Freckleton Younger Years Charity ran the 2nd Freckleton Fun Run to raise money to build a Youth Club. If you wish to support them donations can be made at the following places:
The Ship, The Plough, The Coach and Horses, Freckleton Sports and Social Club, Londis, Whittles, Freckleton Rover Centre <more>

Baby Signing - 26.06.06
The first mother and baby sign language classes in Lancashire were to be held starting on Friday 8 September 2006 at Lower Lane Community Centre. Unfortunately it has been decided that the venue is not really suitable. We will provide an update when we have more information.

Developments at Freckleton CE School - 20.06.06
Governors are very pleased to announce that the School has a new Senior Management Team. <more>

Freckleton Cricket Club - 16.06.06
The 2006 Cricket Fixtures are now available on the site <more>

Freckleton Club Day - 17.06.06
Its Freckleton Club Day on Saturday and the Half Marathon and Fun Run on Sunday. The fair has arrive on the Bush Lane playing fields and are setting up ready for the weekend. The Freckleton Brass Band will be playing on Club Day as usual. The weather forecast is good so it should be an excellent fun weekend for all.

Server Crash - 08.06.06
Our regular visitors will have noticed that our server went down today. Unfortunately we seem to have lost a number of files which we are currently restoring from our backup. If you notice anything not working, or pages that are not available, please let us know!

New Deli Indian Takeaway - May 06
The New Deli is under new management and open for business Tuesday to Sunday. <more>

Email problems - 23.05.06
There has been some problem with our email server over the past week or so. We have not been receiving them! If you have sent us an email during this period and have not received a response please accept our apologies. Send the email again and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Freckleton Health Centre - March 06
It would appear that the new health centre is complete, at least externally. Does anyone know what the 'watch tower' is for?

Freckleton Youth Club - One step closer
The Younger Years Committee have been given land by the Parish Council on which to build a Youth Club! <more>

Ravenous Sandwich Bar
A new sandwich bar opened recently in the Old Cycle shop on Lytham Road. <more>

The Freckleton 'Tree'
A new tree has sprung up on the marsh. It can be seen when approaching from Preston. It grew to its current height in only a couple of days! There are those that believe that this is a telecommunications mask but how can it be when it looks exactly like all the other trees around it??

Youth Club Meeting cancelled
Due to strike action by the Lancashire County Council the Freckleton Youth Club meeting on the 28th March has been cancelled. The next meeting will take place on the 4th April.

Parish Council Meeting postponed
Due to the absence of critical members the Parish Council meeting and Annual Assembly has been changed from the 3rd April to the 10th April.

Freckleton Band - 13.03.06
Our congratulations go to the Freckleton Band. They came 7th in the Area Contest at the weekend. <more>

Snow in Freckleton - 12.03.06
It not very often that we get snow in Freckleton, but we had some over the weekend. Great fun!

Parish Plan Progress Report - March 2006
A press release about the progress being made on the Parish Plan has been issued by the Parish Council <more>

Freckleton Band Newsletter - 05.03.06
The latest band newsletter has been delivered around the village in the last few days. If you missed your copy then you can download a PDF version <here> (180Kb PDF)

Local Jobs
If you are looking for local employment check out our jobs page. We have listed a number of employment opportunities.

Freckleton Half Marathon & Fun Run- 27.02.06
The proposed new Marathon Course is not being used this year. The marathon will be run over the original course <more>.

Freckleton Band - 15.02.06
The 2006 calendar is now available on the Band website. Local events can be found on our Club pages. <more>

Literacy and Numeracy Course - 03.02.06
Do you want to work on those gremlins? Come and join us in a relaxed atmosphere to improve your Maths or English. Open to any adult in the community. It's on Tuesday mornings 9.15am to 12 noon at Strike Lane Primary school. Free course, refreshment and marvellous company.
Hope to see you.
Contact the School: 01772 632724 or Kathryn Sanders at The Adult College 01524 60141

Buyer beware - 18.01.06
We have reports that two individuals are in the village selling cheap electronic equipment. Apparently when you open the packaging you will find a house brick, or part of one!