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Freckleton News

Green Waste Charge- 20.03.17
At the Parish Council meeting on Monday 6 March 2017 it was stated that Fylde Council have decided to introduce a charge for collecting garden waste in the borough. Fylde Council are no longer able to provide this service without introducing a charge. <Fylde Council web site> Details and how to subscribe can be found on the <Green Waste web site>.

Graveyard safety - 05.11.16
Holy Trinity Church are required to make sure that the headstones in the graveyard remain safe. Maintenance of gravestones is primarily the responsibility of the deceased's family, but where family cannot be traced, responsibility for any injury could rest with the church. We have recently checked the headstones in the graveyard and have attached notices to hose we consider could be a danger to visitors due to loose mountings, disintegrating mortar, etc. If you are a relative of those buried in graves identified in this way, please take steps to make them safe; otherwise, we have no alternative but to lay them flat. If you have any queries, please contact the Churchwardens.

Witness appeal - 29/10/16
Police are appealing for witnesses following an alleged hit and run in Freckleton. Police were called around 12.45pm on October 8 after reports of a collision on Trinity Close. A 42-year-old man was found at the scene with a serious foot injury. <more>

New Gallery Pictures - 09/10/16
Ian has sent us some Freckleton In-Bloom pictures for our Gallery. You can see them <here>

Freckleton Library is closed - 01.10.16
Freckleton Library is now closed. Our best wished go to the dedicated individuals who have provided an excellent service in the library over the years it has been open.

Road Closure - 15.09,16 to 13.10.16
Lower Lane, Freckleton from its junction with Kirkham Road to its junction with A584 Preston New Road will be closed between the above dates. <Traffic Order> <Map>
Update - 09.09.16 - Lower Lane has already been closed. Is LCC premature or trying to avoiding an overrun?
Update - 24.09.16 - Lower Lane is open again but it has only been resurfaced halfway along!

Night Flying at Warton - 12/13.10.16
Flying activity is expected to be taking place at the BAE Systems aerodrome in Warton, Lancashire on two evenings this month. The activity will take place on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, October 12 – landing expected by 9pm
  • Thursday, October 13 – landing expected by 9pm

Both activities will involve a Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.
BAE Systems apologies for any disturbance caused as a result of this work and will do everything possible to keep any disturbance to a minimum.

Freckleton Library is to close - 09.09.16
Freckleton Library is going to be closed. Lytham survives but Kirkham doesn't in it's current location. Kirkham library is to be replaced by a 'collection/dropoff shop' of some sort. The Fylde has been politically st*ffed as predicted. Draw your own map of Lancashires political boundaries by seeing what has been axed and what has been 'saved'! Independence for Fylde anyone?

Freckleton library books destroyed - 21.08.16
It was reported on the news this week that Lancashire County Council (LCC) have removed and destroyed the books which were donated to the people of Freckleton following the Air Disaster in 1944. These books, whilst kept in the village library, did not belong to LCC and the LCC had no right to remove and destroy them.

Freckleton in Bloom map - 21.08.16
A new map has been created and placed in the notice board by the Coach and Horses. As some point we hope to create an interactive version for the website. In the mean time you can download a copy <here>

Freckleton C of E School - Advanced Notice
During the summer school break, two major work projects are going to being undertaken at the Freckleton C of E school. This will result in the school entrance area adjacent to the library (Preston Old Road) being a busy thoroughfare at times for work vehicles. On a few occasions this may cause inconvenience on Preston Old Road for short periods. Work will commence 03/08/16 until 02/09/16. <Advanced Notice>

Freckleton Club Day 2016
The weather was kind to us this year. You can see the pictures <here>

Freckleton Half-Marathon and Fun Run 2016
The weather forecast said it would start raining around 2:00pm and it did. Over the next couple of hours it got heavier and the runners got soaked. No hosepipes needed to keep cool this year! You can see the pictures <here> Does anyone have pictures they would like to share with us, particularly of the presentations? Please contact us if you have.

Freckleton Library on the 'proposed' closures list - 07.05.16
As predicted, Freckleton Library is on the list of proposed closures. You can find the full list <here>. Lytham and Kirkham are also on the list. The cynics amonst us may see this as a political ploy to show the power of the 12-week consultation period, before the final decision later this year.. An ePetition has been started to keep Freckleton Library open. You can find it <here>
Other notable 'proposed' closures are:
Kirkham Young People’s Centre
Lower Lane Young People’s Centre
Lytham Children’s Centre
Orchard Children’s Centre
Pear Tree Children’s Centre

Business recently registered - April/May 2016
Coach Hire ExecutiveTravel Ltd are a Freckleton based company established for over 15 years, provide transport for all occasions for both contract and private clients.
The Footworks - The Footworks group has recently expanded into Freckleton. Call in and look around the lovely new clinic on Kirkham Road.

Vandals at Naze Point - 25.05.16
There has been a 'vicious attack' on the wooden dedicated memorial bench at Naze Point. If you have witnessed anything regarding this matter or may have any other useful information, please inform the Police by telephone on 101 or online quoting log reference OR/160525114659.

YouFit fitness classes - 28.02.16
Brand new fitness classes in Freckleton. At the Rawstorne Sports Centre on Thursday and Friday evening. <Poster> Contact Jason on 07462 570 070 or email:

Energy costs - 21.02.16
It's 'that time again' where we here at 'Freckweb Towers' review our gas and electric costs. This year it is definitely worth considering splitting your gas and electric to different companies. The 'Dual Fuel' discount no longer makes up for the difference in price. Taking separate gas and electic this year is £60 cheaper than the best dual fuel offer we can find.

Freckleton Library under threat - Updated 07.02.16
We had an interesting exchange of emails with Sheila Woodburn, the District Manager of libraries within Fylde. She wasn't very pleased about our headline about Freckleton Library being under threat. She was particularly unimpressed with our statement 'Freckleton Library is unlikely to survive the cull. The only remaining libraries in the Fylde are likely to be Lytham and Kirkham'. She requested it's immediate removal, which we complied with. Subsequently, she has instructed the library to stop sending us notification of events due to our 'political attitude'. We have always supported the library and will continue to do so as it is an important local asset. We will continue to advertise the events at the library although we will have to read them ourselves from the notices on the door. Our apologies in advance if we miss something.
There will be a further 'public consultation' on the planned closures in the spring.

Cllr Colin Robb - 08.02.16
It is will much sadness that we report the sudden death of Councillor Colin Robb at the weekend. He will be greatly missed. Our condolences go to his family and friends.

Freckleton Library under threat - Updated 21.01.16
Lancashire County Council (LCC) announced that they are planning on closing 40 libraries, five museums and two adult education centres among other massive cuts. A consultation is being run by LCC until the end of January. Support your local library. Let them know your thoughts either online <click here> or at the library. Funding cuts for subsidised bus services are also planned, this includes the 68 (evening services only?). All this and more despite the proposed 4% increase in Council Tax!

Freckleton Library under threat - 09.01.16
Lancashire County Council announced that they are planning on closing 40 libraries, five museums and two adult education centres among other massive cuts. Freckleton Libary is unlikely to survive the cull. The only remaining libraries in the Fylde are likely to be Lytham and Kirkham. Funding cuts for subsidised bus services are also planned.