The Churches of Freckleton

Holy Trinity Church of England

Church of England Freckleton
Holy Trinity C.E Church
Lytham Road


There has been early existence of Christianity in Freckleton since before the late seventh century, however in 1541 following the Reformation, Freckleton became part of the new diocese of Chester from the ‘mother church’ at St. Michaels, Kirkham.

The foundation stone of Holy Trinity Parish Church was laid on 31st July 1837, the church was completed and consecrated on 13th June 1838. On 21 January 1846 it became a church of ease to St. Pauls Church at Warton, and the first resident curate Rev. C. H. Waterfall was appointed, he remained only one year and was succeeded by the Rev. Walter Scott, who became the first Vicar of Freckleton when Holy Trinity became the Parish Church. Stained glass windows in the church portray parishioners who had taken an active role in church matters.

The exterior of the present church is essentially the same building as that begun in 1837. apart from the necessary removal in 1976 of the original tower and replacement with an 18ft hexagonal bell-cote and gilded cross in 1980. The interior has been considerably altered with the removal of the original wooden box pews and replaced with modern chairs The Jacobean pulpit is the church's most prized possession. It was originally made in 1633 by Robert Weaver at a cost of £10, for Kirkham church.

In 1932 the churchyard was enlarged for the first time since 1896, then again in 2000. The communal grave of the victims of the 1944 air disaster is sadly the most prominent monument of all.

Methodist Chapel

In 2010 the Freckleton Methodist Church celebrated 200 years of Methodism in the village. Since its earliest beginnings and before the church was built, services have been held on a regular basis and hundreds of people have found a welcome. It is a church of a rich heritage for worship and praise, expressed in words and music, and much has been achieved, but much remains to be achieved.

The foundation stones were laid on the 30th August 1884.

Until 1960's there were 2 Methodist Churches in Freckleton. One Primitive and One Wesleyan. In 1966 they became one, and though it was a difficult decision the Primitive church was closed in favour of the larger Wesleyan.

As well as Church groups the premises, a large hall and smaller coffee lounge, are used by a variety of local groups including dance classes, choral singing, parent and toddler groups and Weightwatchers. If you are interested in any of these activities or if you would like to hire the premises get in touch through the e-mail address.

Sunday Morning worship (including Young Church and Creche) takes place at 10.30 Cameo (Come and Meet Each Other) meets in the Coffee Lounge at 14.00 on the 2nd and 4th Wednedays of each month.

The Holy Family Catholic Church

In 1899 the first Catholic church was built on the Warton side of Lamaleach Brook, to serve the residents of Freckleton and Warton. (The mother church being St. John, the Willows, at Kirkham) A separate parish was created in 1907. And in 1913 the building housed not only the church but a school for all ages which was held in the ‘back half of the building’. This was closed in 1953 when children went to outlying schools until the present school in Warton was opened in 1974. In 1978 the interior of the church was fully refurbished.

A wooden hall was built in the grounds to accommodate playgroups and other activities. This was replaced with a brick built 'Holy Family Church Hall' in 2004.